Chameleon  HTV

Chameleon HTV

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Shiny, iridescent finish that changes colors depending on the background color or the way the light hits it

20 inch shiny holographic metallic. Great for making rhinestone designs on garments. Easier than using rhinestones. Create and cut your rhinestone design, weed and transfer to garment.  Because of the inflexible nature of this product, it is not recommended to have large pieces on garment 

HEAT APPLICATION DEGREE - 305°F(150°C) TIME - 10~15 seconds PRESSURE - Medium PEEL - COLD
ADHERES TO Cotton, polyester and Poly / Cotton Blends
WASHING Do not dry clean. Machine wash WARM with mild detergent. Dry at normal setting. No chlorine bleach. Wait 24 hours before first wash
SPECIFICATIONS THICKNESS: 80 microns(3.1 mils). CUTTING BLADE: 45/60° degree.

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