Glitter Vinyl 12

Glitter Vinyl 12"x12"

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This product is made with real flakes of glitter.  The chips are imbedded in the tape, the top feels smooth. The glitter appears to sparkle when moved. The sparkles are all one color, but the translucent white does have a rainbow effect.

This vinyl is more rigid than other vinyls. It is 5 mil ( 0.005 Inch) thick.

Sticks to most clean, smooth surfaces. Can be used in computer-controlled cutters and plotters . Often used for decorating objects and graphics. The tapes are water resistant. Edge sealing is recommended for outdoor applications and materials that require washing like tumblers.

The white glitter is much different than the other colors. The white is semi-transparent. The glitter looks pink and blue when it sparkles, mostly pinkish. It would look much different over a black background, more like green and copper color. If applied over text, you could read through it. It is commonly used on greeting cards, and as snow on christmas decorations.

Neon colors will glow under a blacklight.

This material is a little thicker and less flexible than traditional outdoor vinyl.   For this reason you may notice the material get bubbles of air, tunnels of air, or edges turning up.   This tunneling is normal and easily fixed by carefully lifting the material off the backing and laying back down.  

    Colors shown on your screen may not reflect exact color of vinyl.


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